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The `<ruby>` tag is an HTML tag used to add ruby annotations to East Asian characters such as Chinese characters, Japanese kanji, and Korean hanja. Ruby annotations are used to provide a pronunciation guide for these characters, making them easier to read and understand. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use the `<ruby>` tag in HTML.


The syntax for the `<ruby>` tag is as follows:

base text
<rt>ruby text</rt>

The `<ruby>` tag is used to define a ruby annotation. The base text goes between the `<ruby>` opening and closing tags, and the `<rt>` tag is used to define the pronunciation of the characters. The `<rp>` tags are used to provide fallback parentheses for browsers that do not support ruby annotations.

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Browser Support

The `<ruby>` tag is supported by most modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. However, some older browsers may not support ruby annotations, so it is important to provide fallback content using the `<rp>` tags.


The `<ruby>` tag is a useful tool for adding ruby annotations to East Asian characters. It allows you to provide readers with a better understanding of the language and can improve the readability of your content. By following the syntax outlined in this tutorial, you can use the `<ruby>` tag in your HTML code to create ruby annotations.

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