LG Sound bar SN6Y Review Specification Sound Test

LG Soundbar SN6Y Review,Music test

LG has been a leading brand in the home entertainment industry for years, and their latest addition to their line of sound bars is the SN6Y. This sound bar is designed to enhance your TV and movie watching experience with high-quality audio and a sleek design. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the LG SN6Y.

LG Sound bar SN6Y Design and Build:

LG Sound bar SN6Y has a slim and sleek design, making it a perfect addition to any living room or entertainment area. The sound bar is 35 inches wide and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a TV stand. The black color and minimalistic design complement most modern TV sets, making it a great addition to any setup.

The sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer that adds an additional punch of bass to your listening experience. The subwoofer has a wooden finish that provides an elegant look and feels like a premium product.

LG Sound bar SN6Y Audio Performance:

The LG SN6Y delivers a rich and detailed sound quality with a total output power of 420W. The sound bar has three front speakers and a wireless subwoofer that work together to create a surround sound experience. The soundbar also has DTS Virtual:X technology that creates a 3D surround sound effect, giving you the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

The LG SN6Y has several sound modes, including AI Sound Pro, which uses adaptive sound control to automatically adjust the sound based on what you are watching. The soundbar also supports high-resolution audio formats like FLAC and WAV, ensuring that you get the best possible sound quality.

LG Sound bar SN6Y Connectivity:

The LG SN6Y is easy to set up and connect to your TV or other devices. It has HDMI and optical inputs, allowing you to connect it to your TV and other audio devices. The sound bar also has Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stream audio wirelessly from your phone or tablet.

The LG SN6Y is compatible with LG’s AI ThinQ technology, which allows you to control the sound bar using your voice through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can also control the sound bar using the LG Wi-Fi Speaker app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

LG Sound bar SN6Y here are some additional details about the LG SN6Y sound bar:

  • Compatibility: The LG SN6Y is designed to work with TVs of various sizes, but it’s important to ensure that your TV has either an HDMI or optical output to connect the sound bar.
  • Additional Features: In addition to the features already mentioned, the LG SN6Y also includes LG’s Adaptive Sound Control technology, which can automatically adjust the sound settings based on what you’re watching. It also has a Night Mode that reduces the volume of loud sounds and increases the volume of quieter sounds, making it ideal for late-night viewing.
  • Setup: The LG SN6Y is easy to set up, with a user-friendly interface that guides you through the process. It comes with an optical cable, and you can also connect it using an HDMI cable. The wireless subwoofer is already paired with the sound bar, so all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on.
  • Price: The LG SN6Y is considered to be a mid-range sound bar in terms of price, making it a great value for its performance and features.
  • Warranty: The LG SN6Y comes with a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case anything goes wrong.
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LG Sound bar SN6Y


  • Dedicated center channel for crystal-clear dialogue
  • Immerse yourself in the movies you love with DTS Virtual:X
  • High-Resolution Audio sounds closer to the real thing
  • AI Sound Pro adjusts sound levels to what you’re watching
  • Hear sound all around you with additional surround speakers
  • 49” and Up TV Matching

Watch Review and Sound Test LG Sound bar SN6Y

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    • High Resolution Audio
    • Up to 24bit/96kHz
    • Wireless Surround Sound Ready
    • Yes
    • Bluetooth Streaming
    • Yes (4.0)
    • DTS Virtual:X
    • Yes
    • USB Playback
    • Yes


    • Channels
    • 3.1ch
    • Total Power
    • 420W
    • 2020 Model
    • Yes


    • TV Remote Compatibility
    • Yes
    • Smartphone Remote App (iOS/Android)
    • Android OS
    • Auto Volume Leveler
    • Yes (In App)
    • Audio Return Channel (ARC)
    • Yes
    • Dynamic Range Control
    • Yes (In App)
    • Yes
    • Firmware Over-the-air (FOTA)
    • Yes
    • Night Mode
    • Yes
    • LCD Display Auto-Dimmer
    • Yes


    • AI Sound Pro (Default)
    • Yes
    • Bass Blast
    • Yes
    • Bass Blast +
    • Yes
    • DTS Virtual:X
    • Yes


    • LPCM
    • Yes
    • Dolby Digital
    • Yes
    • DTS Digital Surround
    • Yes
    • FLAC (Up to 192kHz) C4A / USB
    • x/Yes
    • OGG (Up to 48kHz) C4A / USB
    • x/Yes
    • WAV C4A / USB
    • x / Yes
    • MP3 C4A / USB
    • x / Yes
    • AAC / AAC+
    • Yes


    • Front
    • 80W (45W+35W) x 2
    • Center
    • 40W
    • Subwoofer
    • 220W (Wireless)


    • Wireless Active Subwoofer
    • Yes
    • Bluetooth
    • 4.0
    • LG TV Sound Sync (Bluetooth)
    • Yes
    • LG TV Sound Sync (Optical)
    • Yes
    • HDMI (HDCP1.4) Output
    • 1
    • HDMI (HDCP1.4) Input
    • 1
    • Optical Input
    • Yes
    • USB
    • Yes


    • Soundbar Power Consumption
    • 38W
    • Subwoofer Power Consumption
    • 33W
    • Soundbar Standby Power Consumption
    • 0.5W ↓
    • Subwoofer Standby Power Consumption
    • 0.5W ↓


    • TV Matching
    • 49 inch ↑
    • Sound Bar (WxHxD)
    • 41.7″ x 2.2″ x 3.4″
    • Subwoofer (WxHxD)
    • 7.1″ x 15.4″ x 11.5″
    • Soundbar Net Weight
    • 7.6 lbs
    • Subwoofer Net Weight
    • 11.7 lbs
    • Shipping Size (WxHxD)
    • 45.6″ x 8.9″ x 17.2″
    • Shipping Weight
    • 26.02 lbs


    • Remote Control
    • Yes
    • Batteries
    • AAA x 2
    • Optical Cable
    • Yes
    • Wall Mount Bracket
    • Yes
    • Warranty Card
    • Yes


    • Limited Warranty
    • 1 Year Parts & Labor
    • UPC
    • 719192637443
    • Country of origin
    • China


LG Sound bar SN6Y is a high-quality sound bar that delivers excellent audio performance, easy setup, and a sleek design. With its 3D surround sound, wireless subwoofer, and adaptive sound control, it provides a cinematic audio experience in your own home. The LG SN6Y is also reasonably priced, making it a great value for its performance and features.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sound bar that provides excellent audio quality, easy connectivity, and a sleek design, the LG SN6Y is definitely worth considering. Now you can also attach LG SPK8-S 2.0 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Rear Speaker Kit with this model to make it 5.1 channel speaker system




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