kbd Tag in HTML


The `<kbd>` tag in HTML is used to represent keyboard input. It stands for “keyboard”. It’s a useful tag for displaying computer keyboard input in a web page.


<kbd>Keyboard Input</kbd>


<p>To save a document, press <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>S</kbd>.</p>


To save a document, press <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>S</kbd>.

The `<kbd>` tag is commonly used in documentation websites, tutorial websites, or any website where keyboard shortcuts need to be displayed. The tag is also useful for accessibility purposes, as it helps visually impaired users to understand the input requirements.

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The `<kbd>` tag can also be combined with other HTML tags to provide more context or styling. For example, you could use the `<code>` tag to display the actual code being typed:

<p>To run a Python script, open the terminal and type: <code>python my_script.py</code></p>


To run a Python script, open the terminal and type: `python my_script.py`

In conclusion, the `<kbd>` tag in HTML is a useful tool for displaying keyboard input in web pages. It helps improve the accessibility and understanding of keyboard shortcuts for users.

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