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The <isindex> tag is an HTML tag that was introduced in the early days of the web. Its primary purpose is to create a simple search form that allows users to search for content on a website. While the <isindex> tag is still supported by most modern browsers, it is considered outdated and is no longer recommended for use. In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of the <isindex> tag and how it can be used.

The <isindex> tag has a very simple syntax. It is a self-closing tag that does not require a closing tag. Here is the basic syntax of the <isindex> tag:


The <isindex> tag only has one attribute: action. This attribute specifies the URL of the search engine that will be used to perform the search. Here is an example of how the action attribute can be used:

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<isindex action=””>

Here is an example of a simple search form that uses the <isindex> tag:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<isindex action=””>

When a user submits a search query using this form, the browser will redirect them to the search engine specified in the action attribute, along with the search query as a parameter.

While the <isindex> tag was once a popular way to create search forms on the web, it is now considered outdated and is no longer recommended for use. Instead, modern web developers should use more modern techniques such as HTML5’s <input> element and CSS to create search forms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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