How to Get Stolen Mobile Phone back through Google Maps


Google Maps has a lot of helpful features. Users can share the location with friends and relatives, for example. It serves as a safety feature for some people.

One of the many helpful features of Google Maps is the ability for users to share their location with friends and family. A Tamil Nadu resident recently used this capability to retrieve his father’s pilfered phone in less than two hours.

Raj Bhagat P, the person in controversy, claimed that during their train ride, someone took his father’s bag containing his cell phone, Bluetooth earbuds, lock key, and Rs 1000. However, because Google Maps’ location sharing feature was enabled, they were able to track the thief and find the phone, apprehending him and turning him over to the authorities.

On the other hand, some individuals find location-sharing apps objectionable, while others view it as a security measure. Comparably, you may avoid your phone from getting lost while traveling by using Google Maps’ location sharing tool to keep track of it. So let’s see how to get your phone to activate this feature.

How can I make Google Maps “Location Sharing” active?

  • Launch Google Maps, then select your profile image.
  • You must select ‘Location sharing’ from the list of options that appear here.
  • Next, select ‘Share Location’ by tapping.
  • You can select the period and contacts from this menu.
  • You have a selection of individuals with whom you can share your location.
  • When you finally select “Share,” Google Maps will begin to share your location.

We would like to inform you that in addition to the location, the recipient will also receive your name, photo, device battery level, and, if location-sharing notification is enabled, the exact times of your departure and arrival.


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