figcaption Tag in HTML


The <figcaption> tag in HTML is used to provide a caption or description for a figure or image. It is typically used in conjunction with the <figure> tag to add a caption or description to the content inside it. In this tutorial, we will explore the syntax and usage of the <figcaption> tag in HTML.


The syntax for the <figcaption> tag is as follows:

<img src=”image.jpg” alt=”Image description”>
<figcaption>Caption or description of the image</figcaption>

In this example, the <figure> tag contains an <img> tag, which is the image or content that requires a caption or description. The <figcaption> tag is used to add the caption or description to the image.


The <figcaption> tag is used to provide additional context and information about an image or figure on a webpage. This is particularly useful for accessibility purposes as it can help visually impaired users to understand the content of an image.

Here is an example of how to use the <figcaption> tag:

<img src=”example-image.jpg” alt=”Example image”>
<figcaption>This is an example image of a mountain range.</figcaption>

In this example, the <figcaption> tag provides a brief description of the image, which can help users understand the context and purpose of the image.

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The <figcaption> tag supports a few attributes that can be used to customize its behavior and appearance. Here are some of the most commonly used attributes:

  • id: Specifies a unique ID for the <figcaption> tag, which can be used to refer to it in JavaScript or CSS.
  • class: Specifies one or more CSS classes to be applied to the <figcaption> tag for styling purposes.
  • style: Specifies the CSS style to be applied to the <figcaption> tag.


The <figcaption> tag can be styled using CSS to match the design of your website or application. Here’s an example of how to add some simple styling to the <figcaption> tag:

figcaption {
font-style: italic;
font-size: 14px;
color: #666;

This will style the <figcaption> tag to display in italic text, with a font size of 14 pixels, and a color of #666.


The <figcaption> tag is a useful HTML element that allows you to add captions or descriptions to images and figures on your webpage. By using the <figcaption> tag, you can make your content more accessible and understandable to all users. With the help of CSS, you can also customize the appearance of the <figcaption> tag to match the design of your website or application.

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