dfn Tag in HTML


The <dfn> tag is an HTML element that is used to define terms within a document. When used, the text within the <dfn> tag is typically displayed in italics or with a bold font to indicate that it is a term being defined.

Here’s an example of how to use the <dfn> tag:

<p>The <dfn>World Wide Web</dfn> is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet.</p>

In the example above, the term “World Wide Web” is being defined using the <dfn> tag. This helps to clarify the meaning of the term for readers who may not be familiar with it.

Here are some additional details about the <dfn> tag:

  1. Accessibility: When using the <dfn> tag, it’s important to make sure that the text remains accessible to all users, including those who use assistive technologies such as screen readers. To ensure accessibility, it’s recommended to provide additional context and explanation for the defined term. This can be done using the title attribute or by adding an explanation in the surrounding text.
  2. Attributes: The <dfn> tag supports a number of attributes that can be used to provide additional information about the defined term. These include the title attribute, which can be used to provide a more detailed definition of the term, and the class attribute, which can be used to apply CSS styles to the text within the tag.
  3. Visual representation: The visual representation of the <dfn> tag can vary depending on the web browser and the CSS styles applied to the page. By default, the text within the <dfn> tag is displayed in italics, but this can be customized using CSS.
  4. Related tags: The <dfn> tag is often used in conjunction with the <abbr> tag, which is used to define abbreviations and acronyms within a document. The <abbr> tag is similar to the <dfn> tag in that it also provides additional context and explanation for a term, but is specifically used for abbreviations and acronyms.
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In summary, the <dfn> tag is a useful HTML element for defining terms within a document. By using the <dfn> tag, you can provide additional context and explanation for important terms, helping to make your content more accessible and understandable to readers.


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