datalist Tag in HTML


The <datalist> tag is an HTML element that provides a pre-defined list of options to a form input field. When a user types in the input field, a dropdown list of suggestions is displayed based on the options specified in the <datalist> tag.

Here is an example of how to use the <datalist> tag:

<label for=”city”>Choose a city:</label>
<input list=”cities” id=”city” name=”city”>

<datalist id=”cities”>
<option value=”New York”>
<option value=”Los Angeles”>
<option value=”Chicago”>
<option value=”Houston”>
<option value=”Phoenix”>

In the example above, the <input> field has an id of “city” and a name of “city”. The <datalist> element has an id of “cities” and contains a list of options for cities. When a user types in the <input> field, the browser displays a dropdown list of city options from the <datalist> element. The user can then select one of the options or continue typing their own value.

Sure, here’s some additional information about the <datalist> tag:

  • The <datalist> element is supported by all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  • The <datalist> element can be used with any <input> element that accepts text input, such as <input type="text">, <input type="email">, and <input type="search">.
  • The options in the <datalist> element can be specified using the <option> element. Each <option> element can have a value attribute that specifies the value of the option.
  • The text displayed in the dropdown list is the value of the value attribute of the <option> element.
  • You can use JavaScript to dynamically update the options in the <datalist> element based on user input or other factors.
  • The <datalist> element is a useful tool for providing users with a set of pre-defined options to choose from, which can help to ensure that user input is accurate and consistent.
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