Code Tag in HTML


In HTML, the <code> tag is used to enclose and display a piece of computer code. When you use the <code> tag, the text inside it is displayed in a monospaced font with whitespace and line breaks preserved.

Here’s an example of how to use the <code> tag:

<p>This is a paragraph of text.</p>
<code>var x = 5;</code>
<p>This is another paragraph of text.</p>

In this example, the JavaScript code var x = 5; is enclosed in the <code> tag. When the HTML is rendered in a browser, the code will be displayed in a monospaced font like this:

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This is a paragraph of text.

var x = 5;

This is another paragraph of text.

Using the <code> tag can help make your code snippets more readable and distinguish them from regular text.

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